Downloading Tcl for Windows CE


Binary snapshots

There are binary snapshots available for Windows CE 3.0/StrongArm (tested on an iPAQ H3630), Windows CE 2.11/SH3 (tested on an upgraded HP 620LX) and for Windows CE 2.11/MIPS (tested on an NEC MobilePro 770).

Download one of these, plus the architecture-independent common package containing the Tcl library files from the SourceForge repository.

Installation steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP files
  2. Copy the extracted files, preserving the directory layout, into the root directory of the Windows CE device

Source snapshots

Daily CVS snapshots are available from Sourceforge:

Building from the source:

  1. Unzip and untar the snapshot
  2. In the ce directory, edit the file called setupenv.bat to match your MS Embedded Visual Tools installation and the requested OS version, platform and CPU type
  3. Execute setupenv.bat
  4. Execute nmake. This will build tclsh83.exe and tcl83.dll in the Release directory
  5. Copy tclsh83.exe and tcl83.dll to \Program Files\tcl83\bin
  6. Create the following directories on your CE device:
    \Program Files\tcl83
    \Program Files\tcl83\bin
    \Program Files\tcl83\lib
    \Program Files\tcl83\lib\tcl83
  7. Copy the contents of the library directory to \Program Files\tcl83\lib\tcl83